Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Pattern: Flurries Hat

The (Adult) Flurries Hat is now live on Ravelry! (Not to be confused with my free, baby hat knitting pattern here!) I had my roommate Justine stand in front of my favorite brick wall near our apartment and model it for me.

The hat is a super quick knit! It uses bulky yarn in two colors and comes in 3 sizes. It's also very easy to modify the size to whatever your specific measurements might be.

This hat was inspired by the hats I knit as Christmas gifts this past month. I made some simple, one-color versions for my mom and my friend. I had never done stranded colorwork with moss stitch before and I wanted to see how it would turn out. The pretty blue-purple of my contrasting color with the cream color base made me think of flurries :)

The pattern is available both on Ravelry and in my Etsy store. If you have any questions let me know!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Knits!

This year I gave a few more knitted Christmas gifts than normal :) 
The photo above is my friend Esra modeling the hat I knit for her as her Secret Santa. I knit a similar one for my mom (pictured below), but used one of those faux-fur pompoms instead.

I also knit up some last minute ornaments. The first is a knit cactus. I used this pattern and picked up the felt for the flowers and tiny pots at Michaels. 

The second is a little pompom sheep. I just got a Clover pompom maker and it's been such a game-changer ;) 
I used to use old cereal boxes as cardboard for those cut out pompom forms. I would always lose them after each use and have to remake them every time. This definitely makes things a lot easier now. I got like 6 of these sheep done in under an hour.

I created my own pattern for the moss stitch hat above. I really liked the way it turned out so I decided to add a bit more flair and incorporate two-color moss stitch with some surface decreases. I am currently testing this pattern so be on the lookout for its release on December 30th! My friend Justine is modeling it for me below (it's so great to not have to do the knit modeling myself!).

Finally, this January I hope to be finishing/close to finishing two exciting projects. One is a test knit for Brooklyn Tweed that I can't share any photos of yet! The other is my No Frills Sweater. It took me a couple of tries but I think I found the alpaca/mohair combination that gives me the rich red/orange color I've been looking for. It's the softest and very relaxing to knit.

Did you have a lot of Christmas knitting to get done? Are you excited for New Year knits?? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Free Pattern: Knit Velvet Scrunchie Tutorial

Perhaps rather surprisingly, scrunchies are back! (?!?) 

You may have seen some very cute velvet crochet scrunchies on instagram using Bernat's new Velvet yarn. While I'll admit crochet makes a little more sense for this project, I thought I'd attempt a knit version for those of us who more often reach for knitting needles than a crochet hook. 

These scrunchies are made by knitting a wide ring in the round, then whip stitching the two ends together around a ponytail holder to make a hollow tube. Bernat Velvet breaks rather easily so handle your scrunchie with some care (don't stretch it too much!). I used the magic loop method, though I imagine a shorter circular needle (16in or 9in) or double pointed needles would work better. 

I recommend you use a ponytail holder you like. The scrunchies will reduce the stretchiness of your ponytail holder so make sure you have a size that works for you. 

I've created three sizes: S(M, L). Go up a size if your hair is a little thicker or you need some more stretch. 

About 20-40 yards of Bernat Velvet, shown here in Chilled Blue
US Size 11 (8mm) circular or double pointed needles
Yarn needle
A ponytail holder

10 sts = 4in (10cm) in stockinette stitch

CO: Cast on
K2tog: Knit two together (decreases 1 stitch)
Kfb: Knit through the front and back of same stitch (increases 1 stitch)
BO: Bind off


CO 40(50, 60)
Rnds 1-3: Knit
Rnd 4: K2tog around
Rnd 5: Knit
Rnd 6: Kfb around
Rnds 7-8: Knit
Rnd 9: BO knitwise

After binding off, leave a tail long enough for sewing the sides together

Turn the scrunchie inside-out (purl-side out) and place ponytail holder in center of ring

Sew the edges of the ring together by folding the scrunchie over the ponytail holder and using whip stitch (or any other sewing method) to sew the edges together

Hide the ends of the yarn inside the scrunchie. The cast on edge can be tucked inside the scrunchie. The sewing end can be threaded through and hidden inside the scrunchie after tying off.


There are so many ways to vary this scrunchie! In the top-left corner of photo above, I knit four rows instead of three before and after the increases/decreases. You could also not decrease and increase at all (and save yourself a little time!). Simply knit for eight rounds and then bind off knitwise. The scrunchies would then have less of a doughnut shape and a more ruffled look. 

Let me know what you think in the comments! Have fun!

Many thanks to Carly and Bridget for modeling for me :)