Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two FOs: Knit Koala and the Secret Sweater

Things have been so so so crazy at school I feel I've barely been able to catch my breath. The good news is I've finally declared: History and Economics. I even got a coffee mug from the econ department. :)

As a result, I'm still playing a game of catch-up with posting about the knitting projects I have completed.

The first is a knit koala toy that I intend to send off when I get home from school with the hat I mentioned in the previous post. I think I may have read the pattern wrong because other people's projects seem to have a, I guess, rounder body. He's also a bit askew. But I still think it's cute nonetheless.

Pattern: Koala Baby
Project Page

The second FO is, surprisingly, a sweater! After all my complaining I thought I would never actually complete one, but it happened. I think it definitely helps that I used a chunky yarn and made the project go a whole lot quicker. I was able to finish it right before I returned to school this winter.

Pattern: Buckland
Project Page

As you can probably tell by the picture it was super bright that day and I couldn't stop squinting. The sweater is knit side to side and there were so many times when I felt like no way this is way. The result was a super comfy, super cozy lounge sweater. I used Loops & Threads Charisma and though it does pill easily the price and softness - especially for an acrylic yarn - made it irresistible for a first sweater.

The two sides are seemed down the middle using a 3-needle bind off. This project taught me so many new things and finally gave me the confidence to try a new sweater. I am currently working on the Beatnik pattern from knitty. I'm a little worried for when I get to the seaming portion after my disastrous attempt at seeming the Basic Black sweater. Hopefully it turns out something like this:

We shall see....

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  1. I'm working on Beatnik too! I'm also terrified of the seaming, but we will both pull it off and end up with super pretty sweaters, I know it! Especially because the cardigan turned out so wonderfully, it looks great on you by the way!