Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Angora Rabbits?

I was able to see some of my family from Texas this weekend, and a cousin of mine reminded me that I still owe him an earflap hat (chullo). He had asked me before while he was living here in the Northeast, but he moved back to Texas recently... and I forgot. He's a funny guy and insists that I make him an earflap hat with llamas walking across that are actually made of llama, a braid on each earflap, and a 'snowball' on top. (He also suggested I line it with baby seal fur.... joking of course)

I tried to convince him that llama can be scratchy, but he insists. I started searching online trying to find a good llama/something blend that wouldn't smell bad in the rain and that is relatively soft. In the process I started googling what the difference between llama and alpaca was, and one thing led to another until I google image searched 'angora rabbit.'


I had no idea these animals existed. I have heard of angora before, but I never bothered to figure out what it actually is.

I can't decide if they're cute or strange or both.

In any case, advice on a good llama hair blend or a chullo hat pattern would be much appreciated.