Friday, August 3, 2012

FO Friday: Summer Flies

I finally have my new camera and I am in love. I didn't actually end up buying either of the two I featured in the last post. I came so close to purchasing the one without the touchscreen, then read that it doesn't work on a Mac. That crisis averted, my friends from school came to visit and I had to chance to try out one of their cameras. I really liked the pictures it took and how easy it was to work with. I did some further investigating online and ended up with a Canon PowerShot ELPH100HS.

I spent almost $100 less than I would have and I still got a tabletop tripod, case, and memory card. I went for a walk to snap a few pictures and finally took pictures of my (not so) newly finished Summer Flies.

Pattern: Summer Flies
Ravelry Project Page

I really, really enjoyed this pattern. After all the work my Beatnik took, this was a relaxing knit. I also think I have found my go-to cotton blend yarn. Plymouth Yarn's Jeannee DK is 51% cotton and 49% acrylic. It is incredibly affordable and the drape and feel is fabulous. Perfect for summer/early fall knitting.

I've been searching for a brown leather jacket for next year, and I think this would go perfectly.

I would definitely wear this as a scarf instead of as a shawl, but as a shawl it's easier to show off the great design that Donna Griffin created.

The tutorial for the picot bind-off the pattern linked to has disappeared, so I used Knitty's picot bind of tutorial instead, maintaining the stitch counts of the pattern.

I always enjoy knitting shawls, but I never feel like I can wear them. This pattern was perfect because it works really well as a scarf but has the elements that make a shawl beautiful.


  1. Your new camera is taking splendid photos.

  2. I really don't understand how they could make a camera and not have it compatable with all computers, so annoying! But at least you found one, let the fun begin! I love the FO, it looks fantastic on you and definitely looks like a relaxing knit.

  3. Your Summer Flies looks beautiful! I think your color choice was excellent. That shade of pink looks very pretty on you!

    Congratulations on buying a new camera! I'm glad you found one you liked! Your like me in wanting to research everything about a device before buying it. I did tons of research too, probably a year's worth, before buying my camera. I do think the Samsung would have worked out fine though, if you had bought it. I don't think it's possible for a camera to be incompatible with a computer, but I understand that worry! And I'm with you on thinking touch screens are annoying! Nevertheless, it's great you found a cheaper camera that satisfied your needs! Your photos look wonderful!

  4. I have an Elph! After all the trouble I had with my old Nikon CoolPix, I'm totally in love with my new Elph. Your shawl is lovely too - add me to the list of people who like making them but never wear them.

  5. Thank you! And your definitely right about the camera... maybe they meant the software that came with it wouldn't work? I'm sure with all your research you found one you liked too!

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