Friday, January 18, 2013

Frog City Chick

Sometimes things just don't work no matter how much you want them to. I learned a long time ago that you can knit something, but if its just going to sit in your knitting basket and not be worn, it's time to frog.

I was really excited about this scarf. The stitch pattern was a fun, spiraling knit-purl combo, but it just doesn't work.


1. It's too long
2. It curls too much

The yarn really is lovely. It's baby yarn, meaning it is so, so soft, but this stitch pattern doesn't really capitalize on the softness. I wore this scarf out, wrapped three times and it wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, it's length and rolling-factor make it not work.

It will be ripped out :(

The upside is, based on how squishy and soft this is with garter stitch, I'm making a tube that I know will be much better:

After the issues with the yoke on my sweater and now this, I really hope this turns out okay.

(Shout out to Julie, Nora, and Texas Jen!)


  1. oh no! That was such a neat pattern, but you're right, it's just way too curly. Do you think that pattern could work with a sturdier fiber?

  2. I totally agree. I hate patterns that look so good but just don't work out in the end. I definitely have a cowl and scarf in my knitting basket that need to be reworked. Good luck, and show us the final results!

  3. It might! I've only had a bit of luck using bulkier yarn to reduce curling, but it could work! I used a k1tbl, p3 pattern, but I think maybe a k1tbl, p2 or k1tbl, p1 spiral might reduce the curling. Thanks for commenting Katie :)

  4. I'm sorry this cowl didn't work out the first time. But if at first you don't succeed: try, try again! The great thing about knitting is the opportunity to live, learn, and repeat!