Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Works-In-Progress

Seven months later I am finally giving this blog some much-needed attention. After completing my senior thesis and graduating this past May, I now have much more time to knit (yay!) even while working a normal adult schedule.

One WIP is something you have all seen before as it has been on the needles for months now: Walpole.

While I love the look of this sweater and the yarn is super soft and I'm sure the end product will be amazing, I may be officially turned off fingering or laceweight knits for a while now. Just straight stockinette for rows and rows on end leaves me feeling pretty bored. With any luck maybe I'll start knocking off two or three inches week and get it done before the fall.


The other WIP is a newer one. My friend's boyfriend's mom gave me a bag full of yarn she wasn't using and I am so grateful! In it there was a bunch of skeins of a great cotton/silk blend perfect for a summer top. I chose Berroco's free Espenson pattern.

This one is going a lot faster is much nicer to knit than wool on a hot summer day. The color is a very nice purple-blue.

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  1. I am so glad you are putting the yarn to such beautiful use! Congratulations on completing your studies. I hope you enjoy all the knitting time you now have!