Thursday, December 1, 2016

WIP: Toronto Honey Cowl

While grad school has kept me almost 100% occupied (and this blog almost 100% quiet over the past year), I have had the chance to continue working on my Honey Cowl. While visiting my boyfriend's family in Toronto last March, I stopped by a knitting store named Yarns Untangled in Kensington Market. The shop was incredibly cute -- it was not too big but they had a nice, curated selection.

I always like to buy yarn when I visit a new city, and when I saw the Malabrigo Yarn Rios I immediately thought of this modification of the Honey Cowl. The two colors I chose are little closer together than the ones in the original modification, but together these two have a sort of seaside/mermaid-y theme with the blues/purples and then greens/light blues.

The pictures unfortunately do not do justice to these colorways.

The pattern itself has been easy -- good for knitting while watching Netflix or while traveling. I've decided to just knit until the yarn runs out. I hope to have it done before winter really sets in.


  1. Your honey cowl is looking beautiful! I really like the first picture of the city. All the power lines are very interesting visually. :)

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