Wednesday, October 3, 2018

FO: Mount Pleasant Tee

Needle: US Size 5 

I only got two truly "summer knits" completed this year (including my Silver Spring Tank), but it was definitely a good summer in terms of knitting things I will actually wear. The Mount Pleasant tee by Pip & Pin was a fun knit that translates really well into a wearable top. After I finished my Walpole Sweater I told myself I'd never knit a garment in fingering weight again (hours of endless stockinette with slow progress took a lot of the fun out of knitting for me), but this was a surprisingly quick knit.

I love the lace detail of this little top. I knit the size small but used some the medium directions in terms of length so it was not quite as cropped. If i were to knit it again I think i would add about 1/2" more of length.

Collars that are picked up around the edges of sweaters/garments are a huge challenge for me (see: this rather "rustic" looking collar I created here). I also have some trouble weaving in ends neatly so that they don't poke through the fabric like is happening on the shoulders. If you have any tips/videos for upping my finishing game leave me a link in the comments :)

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