Friday, February 12, 2021

A(nother) Summary of Some Recent Embroidery Projects

In a similar spirit as my last post rounding up my most recent sewing projects, here's one summarizing some embroidery I've completed since last March. I want to give a shout out to Sarah K. Benning and her patterns as they have honestly taught me almost everything I know about embroidery now (and you'll see that most of the below patterns come from her.

This first one, however, is a pattern from Jessica Long, whose style is much more what I would traditionally think of when I think of embroidery (read: floral) but with a really nice modern twist. This pattern also taught me a lot of new stitches I wasn't familiar with. I really enjoyed it. 

This next one is the August Crystals from Sarah K. Benning. I did this one sitting on the lawn outside of my apartment during the beginning of covid when it was finally warm enough to at least spend some time outside (away from others, of course).

This next one is very important to me. My partner's brother got married last summer in a small socially-distant ceremony, but due to border closures with Canada we couldn't be there for it. He and his wife have a very beautiful and cute dog named Meadow and I wanted to make and send them something special to mark the occasion. I began with this pattern by Sarah K. Benning and modified the pup to look like Meadow.

This next one is another Benning pattern. When I started embroidering, this was my goal pattern. I find it so beautiful and I'm obsessed with the rug. This was a really satisfying one, and I really felt like I accomplished something when I finished. 

I made this little single scull boat for my friend's birthday who was on crew in college and still loves getting out on the water today.

And more recently, I've been delving into designing my own patterns to stitch. I designed these poppies to add a little extra something to a Wiksten shift top I made this past fall. The top is linen, so unfortunately I haven't worn in much since I finished. I'm really looking forward to warmer weather.

I'm thinking about making a downloadable pattern for this -- let me know if you'd be interested!


  1. All of these projects look lovely! I especially like your poppy design, which looks very sweet on the linen top. I like that this embroidery style works well with regular plain weave fabric. I used to do cross stitch, and I felt really reliant on the aida cloth grid. Beautiful work!