Saturday, April 2, 2022

Laulu Shawl

It is such a wonderful thing when I find a knitting pattern that is 100% addictive. For me that was the Laulu Shawl -- I couldn't wait to see it grow.

The pattern is the Laulu Shawl by Sari Nordlund. The pattern is well laid out and gives you some options for lengthening/widening the shawl. The cables are charted. My Ravelry project page is here. 


This pattern truly lends itself to whatever you already have in your stash. I used the discontinued Classic Elite Alpaca Sox, which is a light fingering weight, in the color Wisteria held together with ITO Sensai Lace Mohair in the color Prune. The lace was an accidental buy (it was very expensive and I thought I was getting a lot more of it) for a different project. I'm so glad it found its home perfectly in this shawl. 

Again, this pattern was so fun to knit. The cable pattern in gorgeous and I loved watching it grow. I did make a larger size: I repeated charts 3 and 4 one additional time.

Final Thoughts
As with anything that I knit, the true test is whether I wear it (there are instances where I've immensely enjoyed the process but never wear it -- if I can get both in one project, then that's the ideal). This one, so far, has been worn pretty regularly. I tend to wear it bandanda-style (with the widest part in the front). It's super soft and is perfect for the colder Spring days we still get. 

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