Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Stockholm Hat(s)


I love it when I find a go-to pattern. Petite Knit's Stockholm Hat has truly become my go-to 1x1 ribbed hat, and this version is a little extra special.


The Stockholm Hat by Petite Knit is a basic 1x1 rib hat knit in the round on US Size 6/4mm. What really drew me to this pattern in the first place are the decreases at the top, which form a slightly more boxy point rather than one that is more triangular. I feel this helps the hat to have a more "professional" look to it that I sometimes struggle to achieve with more traditional hat decreases. The tubular cast on also makes for a nice brim.


I've knit this pattern two times now. The green (my most recent one) was knit with Sandnes Garn Mini Alpakka and Rowan Angora Haze held together. The blue one below was knit with two strands of Garnstudio Drops Alpaca held together. My blue one is a little itchy, but the green one (despite the fuzziness that tends to mean itchy for me) is mostly just soft and warm. The Sandnes Garn Mini Alpakka was bought in Alesund, Norway while I was there on my honeymoon, which makes me feel a little extra warm and fuzzy when I wear it :)


This pattern is a bit trickier than your standard 1x1 rib hat: the tubular/Italian cast on takes a little extra time (and I found it very helpful to watch this video) and there are two slightly less-known decreases (s2kp and p2togtbl) that I have to do a quick google each time I knit the hat to make sure I'm doing it right. In terms of speed, 1x1 rib also just takes longer than stockinette in the round. 

Despite these (I think, minor, given the payoff) tricky aspects, it's still an enjoyable knit and the finished result looks better for it. 

Final Thoughts

Like many of Petite Knit's patterns, the finished result produces a basic (meant positively) wardrobe item that always gets a lot of use. I'm looking forward to knitting another Stockholm Hat soon.

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