Friday, March 22, 2024

Sweater No. 15

    This one was a really enjoyable knit! I think it turned out beautifully, but it doesn't hit every mark for me. More below.... You can find my Ravelry project page here.


    The pattern is Sweater No. 15 by My Favourite Things Knitwear. My biggest beef with this pattern is it is not size inclusive (this sweater goes up to a 43.5-47.25 inch bust). Otherwise, I found the pattern well written and easy to follow. The cable twists every ten rows also had a nice meditative aspect.

    I opted to knit a size medium for an even more oversized fit for myself. This turned out not to be the best for me as the only difference between the Size S and M is the armhole depth, which is not exactly where I'd like extra room in this case. 


    I was on a mission to make myself a bright blue sweater, so I used Sandnes Garn Sunday Petite Knit in Electric Blue and Tynn Silk Mohair in Jolly Blue held together. It blocked out quite large, and I was was over the suggested gauge. But I was set on the "I want it oversized mentality" anyway, so just forged ahead. Again, I have some reservations that I made this sweater too large, but not large enough I want to redo it. 


    As mentioned above, I found this a very meditative knit. I also incorporated some things I know work well for me: 

(1) I only did a tubular bind off at the bottom hem (and without the mohair).  The sleeve are quite wide, so stretchy is not very important here. And I just find tubular bind off such a pain.

(2) I bound off the collar using Jeny's super stretchy bind off, and sewed the collar down, rather than knitting it. I saw others had complained the collar was too tight, so this avoids that issue.

(3) I found the suggested number of stitches to pick up both at the collar and armholes worked well for me. I had also read in others' reviews that they had to pick up fewer stitches. This was not my experience. 

Final Thoughts

    Overall, I think the final sweater is beautiful, especially with this yarn combination. However, some fit issues both with the difference between the S and M, and lack of size inclusivity will likely have me checking out other designers in the future. 

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