Thursday, June 4, 2015

WIP: Walpole Sweater (still!)

Silence for a solid 6 months again... but I have some very exciting news to share! I've been accepted to the economics PhD program at UMASS Amherst and will be moving out there in August. A wonderful side benefit of that is I will finally be able to visit the Webs warehouse :)

I wish I had more to show for the past 6 months, but I finally made some progress on an item that had been sitting in the bottom of my basket for a while.

I've been working on this sweater for over a year and a half now and I'm determined to finish it before the summer is over. There's really no excuse for how long it's been taking me... I had a whole winter of being snowed in to make some progress. Instead, I started and did not finish three other sweaters. 

The main thing that has been holding me back is how fine the yarn is. It just means hours of stockinette stitch with not much to switch it up. This past Monday, though, I finally finished the body of the sweater.

The yarn (Berroco Ultra Apaca) itself really is beautiful. It's a bit darker than the pictures show and has a very nice heather aspect to it. Even though this sweater is taking me forever, I know it will be super soft once it's done. 

Now that I've moved on to the sleeves I'm happier as the progress is a little more obvious. I'm also using the magic loop method. I claimed to hate it a couple years ago but I finally go the hang of it and it is so much quicker and easier than using DPNs. I found this tutorial helpful when I was learning.

I deviated from the pattern a bit and made the cuffs of the sleeves tighter. The pattern has very billowy sleeves and I couldn't see myself flapping around in huge cuffs.

I'm leaving for a trip to the West Coast including Oregon and Yosemite and am hoping to get the sleeves done during the plane rides and road trips. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Late Fall-slash-Early Winter of Big Knits

My knitting the past three months has been all about instant-gratification. It was a very stressful fall as I worked to get everything ready to apply to graduate school, and I needed the type of knitting that I could just zone out to.

US Size 50 needles definitely helped

It tried to put on as many I could before my head disappeared completely :) I know, I'm hilarious.

Most of these were part of Christmas-knitting and I was not able to take a picture of all of the scarves before I gave them away. I was able to document a few, though, and if you're up for some instant gratification yourself, definitely give these patterns a try!


Holding two yarns together, cast on 17
Row 1: k1tbl, p1tbl, repeat until end of row
Row 2: p1tbl, k1tbl, repeat until end of row
Repeat these two rows until desired length, sew two ends together
Needles: US Size 50, 25 mm

Made this one for my mom for Christmas!


Pattern: Blue Brambles 
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
Needles: US Size 15, 10mm

So fun I made two!


Cast on 17
Row 1: k1tbl, p1tbl, repeat until end of row
Row 2: p1tbl, k1tbl, repeat until end of row
Repeat these two rows until desired length, sew two ends together
Yarn: Premier Yarns Mega Tweed
Needles: US size 15, 10mm

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quick Update with a New FO

In what may have been a personal record, I knit this scarf in the time it took me to watch one episode of Walking Dead with my roommate.

Using US size 50 needles probably helped.

Ravelry pattern link: here
Project page link: here
Yarn link: here

The pattern by Ravelry user Pollyfoofoo is based off a knit seen in the show Outlander:

(Honestly, every knit from this show is amazing)

If you have not watched the show, I highly recommend it (as well as the books). For more convincing, see this piece from buzzfeed here.

A real post with real project photos coming soon!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Works-In-Progress

Seven months later I am finally giving this blog some much-needed attention. After completing my senior thesis and graduating this past May, I now have much more time to knit (yay!) even while working a normal adult schedule.

One WIP is something you have all seen before as it has been on the needles for months now: Walpole.

While I love the look of this sweater and the yarn is super soft and I'm sure the end product will be amazing, I may be officially turned off fingering or laceweight knits for a while now. Just straight stockinette for rows and rows on end leaves me feeling pretty bored. With any luck maybe I'll start knocking off two or three inches week and get it done before the fall.


The other WIP is a newer one. My friend's boyfriend's mom gave me a bag full of yarn she wasn't using and I am so grateful! In it there was a bunch of skeins of a great cotton/silk blend perfect for a summer top. I chose Berroco's free Espenson pattern.

This one is going a lot faster is much nicer to knit than wool on a hot summer day. The color is a very nice purple-blue.

I now have an instagram dedicated specifically to this blog! Please follow at:

Friday, January 10, 2014

FO Friday: Modified Aidez

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season! I'm on the last few days of my winter break from school and am getting ready to head back to Boston.

Below is my last FO from December, but I didn't get around to taking pictures until very recently. I have finally finished my Aidez cardigan! I followed MariaOlson's mods to the T and I love it. While I love the cables of the original (and will probably make another using the original pattern before too long), I wanted to try the collar cables and center back cable of MariaOlson's version.

I had a lot of fun knitting this, and it really only took me two months (which is pretty good for me when I'm in school). I used Cascade Ecological Wool as many others have, but unfortunately needed a little over 2 skeins. My cardigan is a little too long for my taste, and I wish I had made it a bit shorter as it also would have saved me from having to buy a whole other skein just for a little bit of yarn.

This is my first raglan-style sweater and it is the style I definitely prefer. I learned a lot from knitting this and I am looking forward to knitting another one. This is also a sweater I know I'll wear (which doesn't often happen). Though it's not perfect, its coziness makes up for it. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Two Sweaters

School has been pretty hectic this semester and I am not getting nearly as much knitting done as I had hoped. I have been slowly knitting away at two sweaters. The first I've already talked about: my Walpole:

This sweater I knit purely when I'm on the bus or while watching a movie. It's repetitive stockinette is perfect for those situations. It is incredibly slow-moving, though, so I started another project so I would not get too bored.

This is the first sleeve of my Aidez cardigan which I've talked about the most on this blog. I've finally started knitting one of my very own and it is very gratifying to knit. It is also going much more quickly than the Walpole.

Do you have and WIPs?

Friday, October 18, 2013

FO Friday: Cozy Scarf (also a free pattern!)

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was able to knit myself (and others) a few things while in Spain. One of my most favorite scarves while I was there was a dreamy silk/wool-blend cozy infinity. I didn't cheap out on the yarn this time as I really wanted to make this to not only stay warm during their unusually cool winter, but to remember my time in Granada.

This is a VERY simply scarf using only twisted rib and kitchener's stitch.

In case any of you out there wanted to make something like this, here are some simple instructions to get you started:

The scarf is twisted rib.

Size 10 (6mm) straight needles
Any bulky weight yarn of your choice. 300-400yds
(I recommend a soft, single-ply yarn. I chose a super-soft silk blend)

Cast on 35 stitches (or provisionally cast on 35 stitches - tutorial here)
Row 1: K1tbl, P1tbl
Row 2: P1tbl, K1tbl

(Don't know how to knit or purl through the back loop? Check out this video)

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until scarf measures 54 inches long.

Graft two ends together.

(If you provisionally cast on, use the 3-needle bind-off)

Happy Friday!