Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Two FOs: Knit Koala and the Secret Sweater

Things have been so so so crazy at school I feel I've barely been able to catch my breath. The good news is I've finally declared: History and Economics. I even got a coffee mug from the econ department. :)

As a result, I'm still playing a game of catch-up with posting about the knitting projects I have completed.

The first is a knit koala toy that I intend to send off when I get home from school with the hat I mentioned in the previous post. I think I may have read the pattern wrong because other people's projects seem to have a, I guess, rounder body. He's also a bit askew. But I still think it's cute nonetheless.

Pattern: Koala Baby
Project Page

The second FO is, surprisingly, a sweater! After all my complaining I thought I would never actually complete one, but it happened. I think it definitely helps that I used a chunky yarn and made the project go a whole lot quicker. I was able to finish it right before I returned to school this winter.

Pattern: Buckland
Project Page

As you can probably tell by the picture it was super bright that day and I couldn't stop squinting. The sweater is knit side to side and there were so many times when I felt like no way this is way. The result was a super comfy, super cozy lounge sweater. I used Loops & Threads Charisma and though it does pill easily the price and softness - especially for an acrylic yarn - made it irresistible for a first sweater.

The two sides are seemed down the middle using a 3-needle bind off. This project taught me so many new things and finally gave me the confidence to try a new sweater. I am currently working on the Beatnik pattern from knitty. I'm a little worried for when I get to the seaming portion after my disastrous attempt at seeming the Basic Black sweater. Hopefully it turns out something like this:

We shall see....

Friday, March 9, 2012

Flurries Newborn Hat - Free Pattern

Apparently I'm a knitting machine this week. Though it definitely helps when some of the things you are knitting are tiny. My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby within the year and I couldn't help but finally try my hand at baby knits. It's definitely a lot faster than knitting for grown-ups!

I started knitting this as it was just beginning to snow outside last week. Inspired by the flurries, I added some simple color work to the top.

Below is a rough pattern for the hat. I added a chart but I may not have formatted it correctly as it is knit in the round. If anyone can spot any errors please let me know!!

This hat is knit in the round


-Less than 1 skein each of two colors of worsted weight yarn.

-Yarn needle

-Four US Size 4 DPNs (3.75mm)


6 st x 7 rows = 1"


Cast on 80 stitches, dividing evenly onto three needles

K1, P1 for 1 inch

Knit around until piece measures 2.5 inches from the beginning

Start color work chart. (I added the chart for clarity, but it's really just alternating the MC and the CC every other stitch with the 9th row of the chart starting with the CC, 3sts of MC, and CC again).

(Clicking on the image will make it larger)

Knit until piece measures 4 inches from the beginning

Begin crown decreases:

k2, k2tog around

k1, k2tog around

k2tog around

knit one round

k2tog around


break yarn, cinch top

Weave in loose ends.

Again, please let me know if you have any problems. I'm still new at writing patterns and I hope they are as clear and easy to follow as possible!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FO: Haven-Inspired

Thank goodness for spring break! I have had this piece done for a while and just haven't been able to post about it.

I had admired the Haven scarf by Kim Hargreaves for a long time. Unfortunately, the price and shipping of the book just for one pattern was not in my budget range. Thankfully, I recognized the lace pattern in the scarf and saw that it was just that surrounded by a garter stitch border. Armed with that knowledge, I quickly developed my own version of the Haven scarf.

Ravelry Link

I first started with knittingonthenet's Shell Lace Pattern.

I then modified the lace pattern so that the sl, K2tog, psso was just a K3tog. I didn't like the look of the slipped stitch and thought the k3tog looked more centered.

I also cast on enough stitches to do a slipped 3st garter border on each side (slipped 1st stitch, purled last stitch) and two lace repeats. I also began and ended the scarf with 6 rows of garter stitch.

After knitting a few swatches to make sure I was getting the look I wanted, I chose Loops & Threads Charisma.It is cheap and soft. It does tend to pill easily however and can split.

I cast on 38 stitches on US size 10 needles and was on my way. It really turned into a luxuriously warm scarf. This winter was so warm, though, it didn't get to wear it nearly as much as I wanted...

I also apologize for this last photo. I had a hard time while wearing it to get the photo to accurately represent the color while showing the lace pattern.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Blues Infinity Scarf - Free Pattern!

I'm on spring break this week and I'm using my extra time to finally update you all on some of my completed knitting projects. This newest one is a quickie that I already love wearing! I used J.C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn that I got at a nearby Blick Art Materials on sale. It's a lot of yarn so if you can grab it while it's on sale I definitely recommend doing so. The color variegation plays out really well in the scarf. My only complaints are that the yarn splits very easily (it's 2ply and very loose) and I found about 3 knots in the skein. You are welcome to substitute any chunky weight yarn.

Blues Infinity scarf is a reversible circle scarf that has two unique sides that are warm and fluffy next to the skin. If you have an questions, please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to purchase an ad-free PDF of this pattern ($2.99), click here

Ravelry Link


- About 300 yds of a heavy chunky or bulky weight yarn (I used about 3/4 of 1 skein of JC Brett Marble Chunky Yarn)

- Set of US size 10 (6mm) straight needles

- Yarn Needle


16 sts x 21 rows = 4 in  (gauge is not incredibly important for this pattern)

Finished Measurements:

8" x 54" before seaming


Cast on 30 stitches

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: *P1,K2*

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until scarf measures 54" from beginning.


Mattress stitch the two ends together to complete the infinity scarf. A helpful tutorial for the mattress stitch can be found here.