Friday, January 14, 2011

I want to knit....

There has only been one instance when I have attempted to knit a sweater. It is currently sitting unfinished in my knitting drawer at school because I can't bring myself to finish the sleeves after I did such a crappy job seeming the shoulders.

Therefore, it makes no sense why I would suddenly be so obsessed with this pattern:

Don't you see those cables? Absolutely beautiful. It also looks like a very fun knit with the twisting yarn and different stitches. My other sweater is based on the Basic Black pattern that I thought was basic enough for me to complete. Ugh... maybe someday.

Not to mention I've read a lot of project pages on it and the reviews are astounding. Maybe if I really put my mind to it I can do it. Except I feel with school I won't have it done until it is way too warm to wear it.

Oh well, something to think about.

<3 Jenny


  1. I'm ashamed of my previously knit sweaters, too. I also lovelovelove that pattern. I want to knit it so badly!

    Keep updating with your lovely pictures! I enjoy your blog :).

  2. Hopefully someday! I feel like this sweater would be the best!

    Thanks so much for reading! It's great to know someone reads my blog!

  3. [...] a little worried for when I get to the seaming portion after my disastrous attempt at seeming the Basic Black sweater. Hopefully it turns out something like [...]

  4. [...] TIPS: - I did not write down what I did to continue the 4-strand pattern through the decreases. I just went with it and you’ll notice each side is a little different. My advice is to keep doing as much of the pattern as possible as you start decreasing, and when you’re using a cable needle, cross stitches before you bind them off. - When sewing should seams, try to line up the cables so it seems like they continue down the back - TAKE YOUR TIME WITH SEWING SEAMS. I’m someone who always get frustrated and just tries to fly through it and then messes up royally. (See: Basic Black Sweater post) [...]