Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lazy-Day Crafting

When I watched my sister come home for winter break from college, I was so jealous that she got an entire month off. Now that I have a month off, I definitely appreciate, but it sure creates a lot of down time.

Thankfully, I have been given some work hours over break and my friends are always around... except now it's turned into: "what are you doing?" "nothing" "want to hang out?" "sure what do you want to do?" "i don't know."
But sometimes being bored together is better than being bored alone.

Which I'm not sure I mind so much, especially when I had such a successful crafting and blogging days two days ago and yesterday.

After I finished my scarf I couldn't decide on a pattern for my other skein of Cascade Eco + so I decided to do some smaller projects:

Project Name: Versatile Little Flower
Ravelry Link

After I finished crocheting the flower I hot-glued a pearl bead in the middle.

I just stuck a bobby pin in the back through the stitches.

So cute and simple!

I will definitely wear this. It's too often when I make something and think meh, I don't like this.

Project Numero Dos:
Pattern Name: Pearl and Purl Posie Headband
Ravelry Link

I hot-glued more of my pearl beads in the center of the flower, then I hot-glued the flowers to the black headband..

Thanks for reading!
<3 Jenny

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