Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New York Knitting

At the beginning of December, I went to go visit my best friend who goes to Columbia University in New York City. While I was there I was trying to think what I was going to get as a souvenir for my trip. I had never been before and I was very overwhelmed/awed/inspired/scared/excited to be there and I wanted to remember it somehow.

Now, I've always loved Purl Bee and it wasn't until last summer that I actually realized it was a store too. In New York City no less. Even though my friends don't knit and probably found it unbelievably boring, I begged and pleaded my way into having them come with me to the store. It was really very beautiful in there. They had yarn and pretty fabric and embroider floss and books. It was pretty obvious how much my excitement outweighed my friends' enthusiasm, but they sucked it up for me.

My idea was to get yarn in New York City, knit a scarf out of it, and then every time I worked on that scarf and eventually wore it I would be reminded of my trip!

Even though I love knitting so much, I always have a hard time spending any serious money on it. But I gave myself a break this time - I was in New York after all - and bought two skeins of yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool and Eco +. In reality, at about $16 each for 1000 yds all together it actually was a really good deal. No need, then, to feel guilty!

They even wound it for me! Which was very nice, too, considering the sheer yardage.


I chose an easy scarf pattern that still looked nice. I've always been very concerned about reversible patterns for scarves so I chose one that, in this case, looked exactly the same on both sides.

(And as a side note, this yarn is listed as bulky, but it's definitely some kind of heavy worsted, maybe chunky yarn).

Pattern Name: One Row Handspun Scaft
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