Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knitting Foul

Last week, I lost one mitten that I had made. While I still plan on making another one to replace it, I thought I should try Bella's Mittens.

Quick Disclaimer: I do not endorse Twilight or any related vampire novel.

I always thought they looked really nice and their popularity only made me want to make a pair myself.

Here's where the problems began:
I wanted to make a shorter version so I looked at others' modifications. The first time, I chose a modification that started at row 28. This was just a bad time because at first I tried the magic loop method as the pattern suggested. For some people the magic loop method really works but for me it just resulted in dropped stitches that were too tight on the needle or too loose.

Then I decided to go back to the DPNs but still had a hard time making the stitch count work. When I finally finished the cuff, I moved on to the cables which were twisted the wrong. Then at the thumb gusset the stitches got wonky and the pick-ups were out of control.


For some super weird reason, I've always hated the way 1x1 rib looked so that on top of everything else made me frustrated with the way it turned out! I think there was a period of five minutes where I was ready to rip all the stitches out very viciously. But by then, though, I had gone through the pattern enough times to have figured out exactly how it works and could make it how I wanted with the techniques that I felt comfortable with.

I decided instead to do about an inch of twisted rib and start on Row 40, repeat it once, then continue on in pattern. I think the results turned out much better too:

What was supposed to be a fun, simple project turned into a headache, which completely contradicts the reasons WHY I knit at all. At least now I know how to knit the other mitten and can relax.


I think it's because I've had a stressful week at school, too, that this just sent me over the edge. Now I just need to let out a big sigh and keep going. Expect a project page soon on Ravelry.

xoxo Jenny

P.S. Yarn = Cascade ECO + bought in NYC.

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