Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kusudama Flowers and Paper Cranes

This Tuesday is the birthday of a good friend of mine from school. If there was anyone that ever appreciated handmade goods, it's her. That and how nice she is in general was all the reason I needed to spend some time on this very pretty (albeit a little different) paper flower.

Down the street from my school is the art store Blick, which I had never been in before. I usually only go into craft stores that supply a large variety of yarn, which this store does not. I couldn't have been more wrong about how I much I would like this store. I LOVE it! They have the nicest, best craft supplies at SUPER reasonable prices. Plus, I get a student discount. I got almost 100 sheets of origami paper for under $7.00.

I can't wait to use the rest of this paper, though I'm not sure yet what I want to do with it. Suggestions would be awesome.

I came across a tutorial online for a Kusudama by Folding Trees. I thought it looked so beautiful and would look great hanging in her dorm room.

I takes 60 pieces of paper so I cut each origami square into four smaller squares. Each square makes on petal and there are five petals per flower. I was worried it would be tedious but it actually became a very relaxing thing to do. I used double sided tape (I didn't have a glue and it was way too cold to go back out and buy some) to paste all the petal and all the flowers together.

It really ended up being awesome and the colors go really well together. I chained a piece of white yarn (I wish I had brought my fishing wire to school with me) and glued it between the halves so that she could hang it if she wants. I think it will look really cute.

I had a lot of fun making this and a lot of paper left over. With the scraps from the pieces I cut up I made a bunch of little paper cranes. I definitely want to bring my fishing wire back with me so I can string them over my bed in the dorm.

Happy crafting!