Monday, September 5, 2011

Made It By Monday: Friendship Bracelets

This post was actually intended for last week as a end-of-summer sort of project, but hurricane Irene had other plans. We've finally got our power back so here it goes: Ever since I was little and my mom bought me one of those Klutz friendship bracelet books, I've loved making bracelets for my family, friends, and myself! These always remind me of summer and the last two weeks of a sort of nostalgia-inspired vacation I made (and gave) a bunch.

At the day camp I work at these are the most fun to make with the kids.  The result is that we're all literally up to our elbows in friendship bracelets by the end of the summer.

What you'll need:
1. embroidery floss

(available at most craft and sewing/fabric stores)

2. tape or a paper clip. I find clips work best for me as my bracelets always slid out from under the tape.


Here is a list of some great friendship bracelet websites with tutorials and instructions to get you inspired:

1. Easy, basic friendship bracelets from purlbee
2. Free patterns from
3. Make bracelets using a cardboard loom.
4. A fashionable take on a traditional friendship bracelet

I'm anxious to try to make the 'peruvian wave' friendship bracelet. Here's a quick tutorial:

Like knitting, I find making friendship bracelets very therapeutic. Be sure to try your own designs and wear them in unique ways!

Have a great week!


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