Sunday, September 18, 2011

Made It By Monday: Lace Earrings

I'm finally back at school and so excited to be back in the city. Here's a quick project I started just before I left and finally got back to a couple of days ago. These feminine lace earrings are a breeze to make!


1. Lace scraps (I used an old curtain)

2. Craft Spray. I used Krylon Matte Finish. There are many other types of spray out there that I think would work just as well.

3. Earring hooks (optional: jump rings, beads, etc.)

4. Pliers (round nose and flat nose)

Step 1: Choose your motif

I dug up an old curtain and found the motif I liked best. I looked for two of the same as I wanted both my earrings to mirror eachother, but I think a mismatched pair would be cute too. :)

I recommend cutting the motifs out using sharp scissors or an exact-o knife to limit the frayed edges.

Step 2: Spray

Make sure you spray the Krylon in a well-ventilated area. Since it was a nice day I just brought them to cleared spot outside. I used toothpicks to keep my earrings from sticking to the paper towel once I sprayed as well as to keep them in place (the spray from the bottle as well as the wind tends to blow your project away).

Make sure to flip your earrings over and spray the other side as well. The spray stiffens the earrings and makes them water-resistant. Let each coat completely dry before handling your earrings.

Step 3: Attach earring hooks.

I didn't have any jump rings so I just opened the loop of the hook with pliers and used a hole already in the top of the lace earring. Jump rings might make the process a bit easier and add length.


These were super easy to make and now I'm constantly on the lookout for lace scraps with interesting motifs. Don't be afraid to add pearl beads or use larger motifs to make your own, unique pair!


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