Monday, September 10, 2012

Made It By Monday: Striped Cork-boards

Since I'm back at school, the summer MIBM series is officially over :( But this plain-old-regular MIBM has a lot to offer too! The end of my freshman year, I was in Staples and saw those packs of 4 cork-board squares. I got them for like $5 or less, and I am now convinced that you should always go dorm-decorations-buying in June. I used them last year and succeeded in accidentally chipping paint off when I tried to take them down (as well as ripping off a corner of one of the boards). Make sure you don't use the stickies they give you! Use something like Command poster strips.

Before I came back to school this past week I decided to jazz them up a bit (and also cover the up chipped corner). I pinned this picture up on pinterest a while ago, and I decided to use it as a bit of inspiration.

1. 4 cork-board squares
2. Scrapbook paper (I got a pack at Christmas Tree Shop for super cheap)
3. Modge Podge

Step 1: Measure your paper strips

Average scrapbooking paper is about the size of the cork-boards, making it easy to cut. First, draw a line down the center of the paper going diagonally.

Next, measure 1 inch out on both sides and draw parallel lines. The strip is 2 inches wide.

Now move out 1.5 inches out from each line, draw another line. This will be the second strip. Make this strip 2 inches wide as well. Measure out 1.5 inches out again and draw a line on each side. This time, the strip is only going to be 1.5 inches wide.

|- 1.5"-| 1.5" |- 2"-| 1.5" |- 2"-| 1.5" |- 2"-| 1.5" |- 1.5"-|

Step 2: Cut

Lay four sheets of paper on top of each other and cut all paper strips at once.

Step 3: Position

Line up the paper strips on board and make sure they line up.

Step 4: Glue

Using modge podge, put glue on bottom of each paper strip and then over the top of it once you lay it down.

Step 5: Let dry flat

The boards can curl when drying, so put something heavy on top of them.

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  1. Oh how pretty! I'm definitely going to take your advice and check out those stores in June.