Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Laminaria Shawl, Infinity Scarf, Amiga

School is starting to get busy, but I have had a few moments to work on some of my knitting projects. The one taking precedence right now is the infinity scarf:

I making this as a present for my friend's birthday which is this coming Monday. I'm using my Blues Infinity Scarf pattern in a different colorway I thought would suit her.

Next is my Laminaria Shawl. I'm having difficulty with this project. I think it has more to do with me not paying close enough attention and less to do with the pattern. I've had to fudge the numbers a bit on certain rows. I'm also attempting to do this with only one skein of Cascade Heritage Sock. Hopefully I won't regret only buying one skein.

Lastly is my fingering-weight version of the Amiga sweater. I saw this modification of the pattern in a lace weight and I thought it would be a great way to use up some of my unmarked (I think) fingering weight yarn I was given.

It's also great because it's just straight stockinette, which is perfect for the subway/reading and knitting/tv knitting.

What are your current WIPs?


  1. Your projects are looking great! I love the way you tend to choose free patterns. In the past I've been willing to buy patterns, but now that I have more expenses with college, I'm very interested in finding free patterns to suit my tastes. I think you're doing a wonderful job finding beautiful free patterns!

    The only knitting WIP I have is the Calorimetry headband from I'm making it as a birthday gift for my sister. I also sew and I have a nearly finished wool coat that needs hemmed, topstitched, and buttonholed. I just need maybe 4-5 hours to finish it but with so much else that needs to be done, I don't know when I'll find that much time!

    P.S. I really liked your striped cork-board from your last post!

  2. Bah, school. Lets just knit all day, okay? Each of your projects is really coming along, good luck with the birthday scarf, I know your friend will absolutely love it!

  3. Thank you! I am almost an exclusively free-pattern person right now. Being in school sometimes I can't justify spendig $40+ dollars on yarn plus the $6-8 pattern fee. I think once I find one I really like, though, I'll jump on it no matter the cost.

    I'm sure your sister will love the headband, and good luck finishing the wool coat - it sounds like quite the project!

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