Friday, January 22, 2016

FO Friday: Mochimochi Land Snowpeople

*Disclaimer: I was sent a free Mochimochi Land kit to review on my blog by the people at All opinions are my own*

First of all, these are the cutest things I've ever knit and I can't get over them. I was never big into knitting or crocheting amigurumi or any of those small toy patterns, but these little guys may have changed my mind.

This kit comes from the people at Yarn Canada but the pattern and kit themselves are the creation of Anna at Mochimochi Land. While you can order directly from her, Yarn Canada is helping to bridge the shipping gap for those folks in Canada.

The kit comes in a small ziploc with pattern instructions, stuffing, and yarn. DPNs are not included. 
I did have minor issues with almost running out of some of the yarn (I always leave a long tail when casting on) but was able to finish both snowpeople without dipping in to my own stash. 

The pattern instructions were very easy to follow, and each one took me less than an hour. I found the embroidery aspect the most difficult, and I think the pattern assumes a certain familiarity with embroidery (that I definitely don't have), so the hands on one came out a little weird looking. It also led to more waste on my part of the black thread (and almost a crisis of running out). 

Took advantage of some fresh snowfall to put these lil' guys in their natural habitat

Overall, an incredibly enjoyable knit. At, they are selling them for CA$14.75, which may be a little steep for personal use, but would make an excellent gift for the knitter in your life.  I think I may turn them into ornaments for next year's Christmas tree :) 

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