Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Free Pattern: Poofy Cowl

This is more of a recipe than a pattern as all it is the brioche stitch in circular form (done many times by many talented knitters). So while this is not super original, I feel I've found a combination of techniques, length, and yarn that works really well. I also really like the clean lines of this cowl. Sometimes my scarves are so thick and warm it's almost as if there is too much scarf. This one is perfect for those not-so-cold days when you need just a little warmth.

Pattern Link: Poofy Cowl Recipe
For a longer and wider version, see this blog post: http://www.wiseknits.com/2020/01/free-pattern-too-warm-infinity-scarf.html


Yes, I used a baby yarn. Yes, it is so so so so soft. The yarn is held doubled.

There are two ways to do this pattern. One is to simply cast on like you normally do, bind off loosely, and mattress stitch the two ends together.

The other is to provisionally cast on and graft the two ends together to create an invisible join. You can find a good tutorial for this technique here, specifically for the brioche stitch.

If you find the following written instructions confusing, refer to this video for a visual explanation of how to do the brioche stitch.


  • Holding the ends of both skeins together, cast on 32 stitches
  • Set up row: *Bring yarn to front of work, slip 1 purlwise, k1, repeat from * until end of row
  • Row 1: *Bring yarn forward, slip 1 purlwise, k2tog, repeat from * until end of row
  • Repeat row 1 until piece measures 22 inches from beginning.
  • Finish in your preferred method

Happy knitting! :)


  1. This doesn't make sense to me because it seems like you are decreasing dramatically every row. Never mind - I looked it up in a you-tube and understand now that you are doing a yarn over by bringing the yard forward

  2. Love the cowl pattern thanks for the freebie.:)

  3. Love this cowl pattern, thanks for the freebie :)