Friday, December 20, 2019

FO(s) Friday: No Frills and Omemee Toque

Needles: US Size 5 and 6
Two finished objects to write about this Friday! The first is my No Frills sweater which was a long time in the making. It took me almost a year to the day from when I got the yarn to when I finished this sweater.

I made a lot of odd mistakes early on that I only realized when I picked it up to finish it after the summer. I have no idea why I did the neck band in US size 5 instead of 3. I think I would like this sweater more if I had used a size 3. 

The size of this sweater got away from me a bit. If I were to knit this again (and I have the yarn ready if I choose to do so) I would knit the size XS instead of S.

I was TERRIFIED to block this but successfully did it last week. I barely touched it after I soaked it and it didn't stretch at all. Instead, the stitches evened out nicely.

The major mod I did was to make it (even more) cropped and do a bell-like sleeve. This was mostly driven by the fact that it was already a big oversized. I decided to embrace that and really go for that ~lewk~

I do think I'm turning a corner a bit and starting to knit things more my style. This sweater has already been worn out in public twice.

Yarn: Ancient Arts Fibre Big Squeeze in "Pieces of Eight"
Needles: US Size 8 and 10

Speaking of knitting things that are more my style, THIS HAT. I love it! I knit hats and never wear them. I buy hats and never wear them. Will I wear this hat?? I think so.

I bought this yarn in Toronto at Yarns Untangled. It was perfect for this hat -- I bought one skein and one skein was the perfect yardage. It's super warm, NOT itchy, and doesn't make my face look weird. The designer, Tara-Lynn Morrison, has a beautiful aesthetic to all her designs. 

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