Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wishing I Was Wise

Well, I am now back in my dorm room facing another semester of college. This semester, I'm taking a lot of great classes that I'm really excited about. Against all odds, I am finding macroeconomics unbelievably interesting and enjoyable. I'm hoping this is the beginning of the end for my quest for what I want to do with the rest of my life. Slowly but surely, I am narrowing down what interests me and what inspires me to work hard and go the extra mile to not just understand but to analyze what I'm learning.

Fortunately, before I left I was able to complete a crochet project for my friend's birthday. She loves owls and I saw these great crocheted owls in New York City. You can see them here: link.

I thought they were so cute and though immediately of her, but of course I didn't buy one. So when her birthday came around I decided I would try to make my own for her. (Besides handmade is always a bit better, right?)

Pattern: Improvised
Ravelry: Link

I crocheted the body and the eyes. The rest was done by embroidery and embellishment. Then I stuffed him with polyfill.

Maybe some of the owl's wisdom will rub off on me for this next semester?

Hopefully he speaks Spanish.


Friday, January 14, 2011

I want to knit....

There has only been one instance when I have attempted to knit a sweater. It is currently sitting unfinished in my knitting drawer at school because I can't bring myself to finish the sleeves after I did such a crappy job seeming the shoulders.

Therefore, it makes no sense why I would suddenly be so obsessed with this pattern:

Don't you see those cables? Absolutely beautiful. It also looks like a very fun knit with the twisting yarn and different stitches. My other sweater is based on the Basic Black pattern that I thought was basic enough for me to complete. Ugh... maybe someday.

Not to mention I've read a lot of project pages on it and the reviews are astounding. Maybe if I really put my mind to it I can do it. Except I feel with school I won't have it done until it is way too warm to wear it.

Oh well, something to think about.

<3 Jenny

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lazy-Day Crafting

When I watched my sister come home for winter break from college, I was so jealous that she got an entire month off. Now that I have a month off, I definitely appreciate, but it sure creates a lot of down time.

Thankfully, I have been given some work hours over break and my friends are always around... except now it's turned into: "what are you doing?" "nothing" "want to hang out?" "sure what do you want to do?" "i don't know."
But sometimes being bored together is better than being bored alone.

Which I'm not sure I mind so much, especially when I had such a successful crafting and blogging days two days ago and yesterday.

After I finished my scarf I couldn't decide on a pattern for my other skein of Cascade Eco + so I decided to do some smaller projects:

Project Name: Versatile Little Flower
Ravelry Link

After I finished crocheting the flower I hot-glued a pearl bead in the middle.

I just stuck a bobby pin in the back through the stitches.

So cute and simple!

I will definitely wear this. It's too often when I make something and think meh, I don't like this.

Project Numero Dos:
Pattern Name: Pearl and Purl Posie Headband
Ravelry Link

I hot-glued more of my pearl beads in the center of the flower, then I hot-glued the flowers to the black headband..

Thanks for reading!
<3 Jenny

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New York Knitting

At the beginning of December, I went to go visit my best friend who goes to Columbia University in New York City. While I was there I was trying to think what I was going to get as a souvenir for my trip. I had never been before and I was very overwhelmed/awed/inspired/scared/excited to be there and I wanted to remember it somehow.

Now, I've always loved Purl Bee and it wasn't until last summer that I actually realized it was a store too. In New York City no less. Even though my friends don't knit and probably found it unbelievably boring, I begged and pleaded my way into having them come with me to the store. It was really very beautiful in there. They had yarn and pretty fabric and embroider floss and books. It was pretty obvious how much my excitement outweighed my friends' enthusiasm, but they sucked it up for me.

My idea was to get yarn in New York City, knit a scarf out of it, and then every time I worked on that scarf and eventually wore it I would be reminded of my trip!

Even though I love knitting so much, I always have a hard time spending any serious money on it. But I gave myself a break this time - I was in New York after all - and bought two skeins of yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool and Eco +. In reality, at about $16 each for 1000 yds all together it actually was a really good deal. No need, then, to feel guilty!

They even wound it for me! Which was very nice, too, considering the sheer yardage.


I chose an easy scarf pattern that still looked nice. I've always been very concerned about reversible patterns for scarves so I chose one that, in this case, looked exactly the same on both sides.

(And as a side note, this yarn is listed as bulky, but it's definitely some kind of heavy worsted, maybe chunky yarn).

Pattern Name: One Row Handspun Scaft
Ravelry Link

Thanks for reading!

Knitting for Friends

I normally don't exchange gifts with my close friends on Christmas considering we are all moderately poor college students. Gifts are usually reserved for birthdays, since it is, after all, your own special day.

Well, I was in my dorm room at school when my friend from home called me up and asked me what my favorite scent was. I told her (it happens to be that super-nice fresh Christmas tree smell) and asked why.

'Oh! I'm shopping for your Christmas gifts!' she said.

There was no way, then, that I wouldn't knit her something in return. Plus she has a great track record of actually wearing the things I knit her. So when I got home I dug around my yarn stash and found a ball of this unknown homespun-looking yarn that I had salvaged from a half-knit sweater I got in a bag of odds-and-ends knitting supplies.

I decided then to half-double crochet it into a scarf and see how it would turn out. Now, I always have a hard time wearing infinity scarfs - I just don't like the way they look on me. But my friend can pull anything off, and the very texture-y uniqueness of it would definitely suit her. I sewed the two ends together (I think I'm actually getting better at sewing knit items!) and it resulted in the photos below.

Stupidly, I forgot to bring it to her the first time I saw her, and she's always so hard to track down. Even still, I can't wait to give it to her. Especially since she goes to school up in Vermont and will probably need it.

Pattern: Personal
Ravelry Link